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 Clearly the most successful Radhasoami branch in the world is the Beas Satsang, with a following that surpasses all of the other satsangs combined. Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj, also called Babaji Maharaj, established his satsang in Beas in 1891. And today the Beas satsang is an autonomous body, which doesn't bear allegiance to any of the other Radhasoami satsangs.

Jaimal Singh hailed from a Punjabi Sikh family. He was inspired by the talks of Soamiji Maharaj and became his follower. After his guru's demise he set up his dera(camp) three miles to the east of village Beas, near Baba Bakala town on the northern bank of river Beas. At that time, that place came to be known as Dera Baba Jaimal Singh and is called the same even today. This is the present center of the Radhasoami sect in Punjab.

Baba Jaimal Singh's successor was Baba Sawan Singh, who also was a Sikh by birth, hailing from the Narangwal village in Ludhiana district in Punjab. Baba Sawan Singh was succeeded by Baba Charan Singh Ji. The latter three heads maintained the Dera Baba Jaimal Singh at Beas as their headquarters.
Ministry: 1884 to 1903 [Although Jamail Singh is reported to have started initiating at an earlier date, the name of his first initiates are not available] 
Guru: Shiv Dayal Singh ji
Successors: Sawan Singh ji
Center: Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, Beas 
Distinctions: Founder of the Beas lineage, the most popular Radhasoami group in the world. 
Sources: A Great Saint; Spiritual Letters; and Heaven on Earth.  main 


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